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Creating a Sales Tax

Learn how to create sales taxes in Octopos Backoffice.


To Create a sales tax you would need to log into the back office. Backoffice will let you put a sales tax on individual products


You can log into the Octopos back office by entering your email address and password onto the BackOffice.

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Login Fields : Email*: Insert your email address in this Field. Password*: Insert your Password here. * = Required

To access the Taxes menu, once logged on, click on the Products, followed by the Taxes button.

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Click the Create button on the taxes menu.

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You should now have a new tax page where you can add your tax name, percentage, and kind of tax. You can have a percentage as a tax or a fixed amount; they can be selected from the tax type field.

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Form Fields: Name*: Name of the tax. For example, the City of Phoenix Tax. Type*: Percentage or Amount. Tax on items will be calculated based on this. Rate*: This is the numeric number. For example, if you added 8.25 here and Type is a percentage, then it will add 8.25% tax on products with this tax. *: Required

After putting in all the fields needed, click the submit button, and your tax should be added to the system. Make sure to sync the POS tablet to see the tax in effect.

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