Reward & Loyalty Basics

Reward & Loyalty Basics

Octopos has one of the most flexible Reward Program of any POS. It allows you to run multiple Reward Program simultaneously. 
Reward Program in octopos is consisted of Reward Points, Reward Card and a Coupon. Once a Reward card has certain point, it is eligible to use the earned coupon.

To make Reward understanding easier, let's create a sample Program. In this program, we will give customers 1 point for each dollar spent at our store. Once they reach 500 Points we will give $25 off on their purchase.

Step 1: Create a Coupon

  1. Once you are logged on to Backoffice, headover to Marketing and click on Coupons.
  2. Click on Create to create a new coupon.
  3. Enter coupon name such as $25 Off Reward Coupon.
  4. Select Order for Coupon Type. This means that this coupon will be applied on the entire order and not a perticular product.
  5. Select Discount Type to Amount. This means we will give dollar amount off instead of percentage.
  6. Enter $25 for Discount value. 
  7. Optionally you can also add a image for the coupon.
  8. Click on Next and Submit to create this coupon.

Step 2: Create Reward Program

  1. Visit Rewards and Loyalty and click on Rewards.
  2. Click on Create to Create new Reward.
  3. Give a name to your Reward Program such as "$25 Off on every 500 Points". This name will be printed on customer receipts, and same name will be shown on Customer Display Screen, when customer trys to check progress on their Reward Card.
  4. Select Reward Point Calculation Type, in our case we will select Points earned on Payment Amount. 
  5. For Required Reward Points enter 500. This is the amount which must be in the Reward Card to redeem the Reward.
  6. Next click on Add Coupon to Reward. A new form will open to select the coupon. Select the $25 Off coupon to add to this Reward Program.
  7. Click on Submit to finish.

Note: There are 3 way to configure Reward Program to earn points:

  1. Reward Points Based on Visits. This gives customer 1 point for each visist.
  2. Reward Points based on Product Points. You can configure points for each products when you create or edit them. This way customer will get total of all points from products in their order.
  3. Reward Points based on Payment Amount. In this case system will give 1 point for every dollar paid.

Step 3: Earn Points

Customers can earn points by entering their phone number from Customer Display Screen by tapping on Add Reward. Optionally, cashiers can also add Reward Points by Going to Rewards and Add Reward from Octopos POS App.
Customer will be able to see the progress on their Reward on the receipts as well as on Customer Display Screen.

Step 4: Redeem Reward

Once customer has achieved the required points, cashier will be notified, Cashier can chose to Redeem points by clicking on Redeem.