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Credit Account Creation

Learn everything there is about Credit Account creation in Octopos


Credit accounts can be created from the back office portal; remember to set the Permissions for account creation if it is to be handled by a NON-Admin account. Log into the Octopos Back Office by entering your email and password to create an account.

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Login Fields : Email*: Insert your email address in this Field. Password*: Insert your Password here. * = Required

Once on the dashboard, Click Customers on the left menu bar.

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Once inside the Customers Page, click Create in the top right corner.

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Fill in all the required details for Credit customer creation, and click Submit to create the Credit account.

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Customer Account Fields Name*: Enter the Customer name here. Address1*: Please enter the customer’s first line of the address. Address2*: Please enter the customer’s Second line of the address. City*: Please enter the name of the customer's city. State*: Please enter the customer’s State. Phone Number*: Please enter the Customer’s Phone number Email*: Please enter the customer’s email. Notes: Please enter notes for the account. Credit Limit*: Please indicate the maximum credit limit available for the customer. Cashiers cannot create an invoice for this customer if it exceeds the limit. Tax Exempt*: Is this account eligible for tax exemption? If yes, then select the Yes option Exclude from Reward Calculation*: Select yes for this option if you don't want to give reward points on sales of goods from this credit account. *= Required

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