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Learn everything there is to Favorites

Favorites is a feature that serves many purposes, but its primary aim is to make the checkout process quicker and more efficient for cashiers. You can access Favorites by going to Additional Settings > Locations > Establishments. You can create multiple templates for the Favorites page, which enables multiple cashiers to have their own personalized templates. To use favorites, click on Favorites from the home menu,

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Once on the Favorites page, select Add Favorites.

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From here you can either selectCopy Template and choose your template from the menu. click on Submit to use the template.

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If you are creating a new template or a new favorites page. Select the Icons from the right to add a button from that field. See the Icon information given below to select the right item. Click Done when all the needed Items are added.

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Template Icons and Fields: 2 = Discount Icon, allows you to add drop-down menu discounts as a quick button. 3 = Action Icon, allows you to add actions such as Open Cash Drawer and Remove All Items. 4 = Category Icon, allows you to add categories as a quick button. 5 = Item Icon, allows you to add individual items as a quick button. 6 = Copy Template Icon, allows you to use already existing templates. 7 = Template name Field, write your template name here.

click on the top right blue ADD box once all the items/discounts/actions/categories are selected in their respective options.

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