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Large Price Signs

Learn how to set up large Price Signs and how to print them.


At Octopos, you have the option to print Labels with oversized signs and showcases, including seamless designs for pallets. You can easily do this from the back office, and choose from two different sizes and four variants of the design.


To Print a Large size, you first need to set the layout for the Sign. To do so, go to Establishment followed by Locations.

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Once on the Locations page, click on Edit for the desired location. You can do this for all locations one by one.

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Once in the Edit Menu, Click on LARGE PRICE SIGNS on the left tab where all the categories are.

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Once there, click on the desired layout of the four by clicking on Select followed by clicking The size that you want to print. an 8.5(W) X 5.5(W) will print two copies on a singular piece of paper each the same size as seen on the right, whereas 8.5(W) X 11(W) will print out a big single-page label as seen on the left.

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Notion image

NOTE:- This is only needed to be done once unless a change in design\size is required.

To print the Signs now, click on Products followed by Products.

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Search the Desired product with a name or barcode, or select from the list of products already shown. Click on the V-looking key right next to Edit followed by clicking on Print Large Sign.

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