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Customer Display Screen

Solutions for Customer Display Troubles.

Check the WIFI settings to make sure that the CDS tablet is connected to the same WIFI as the POS Tablet.

Open the apps menu in the CDS tablet and open the settings app.

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Once settings is open, check the WIFI connection and make sure it is connected to Octopos Wifi.

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Check the Ip address of the Octopos Customer Display Screen tablet by clicking multiple (6 to 8) times on the blue target logo.

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Check the IP address in the Settings menu that just opened.

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Open the menu on your POS tablet.

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Open the update settings menu from the selection.

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Scroll down to the Customer Display settings and make sure that the entered IP address is the same as the CDS IP address checked in the previous step.

Notion image
Customer Display Field: CDS IP: The IP address here should be the same as the CDS IP address checked in the upper steps.


To resolve the issue, restart both your POS and CDS tablet. First, turn on the OctoCDS app on the CDS tablet. Then, start the POS and log in. Please note that this process will not work if the POS was kept on while restarting the CDS or if the POS was started before the CDS.

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