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Grocery Scanner Scale

This Article helps in solving problems regarding the Scanner Scale

  • Power on and off Scanner Scale
  • Make sure the IP of the scanner and scale boxes are reachable from the pos chrome browser
  • If still not working then call us

If there are problems with Scanner Scale, turn off the Scanner scale, and turn it back on, giving it a full restart.

To cross-check if the POS and the Grocery Scanner Scale are connected on the same IP address, check the IP address on the POS tablet, and the IP address should be written on the scale as well for a quick cross-check.

Check if the Ethernet cables are connected to the Scale and the Router in the right order. If you are not sure about what the IP address is. You can manually Reset the Router by pressing Inserting something thin like a safety pin. hold it for 10 to 15 Seconds. This way the Router can be reset to the Original IP address and hence can be Reprogrammed according to the IP address table.

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