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Employee Creation

This article should help you in adding employee entries in the System

This Page is to help you on how to add an employee in the Database. This Feature of having Employees in the database making calculating Time and Wage very simple and efficient. This also allows Us to give specific roles to them meaning their permissions and scope of access is limited to only what they need.


To create an Employee click on HR followed by Employees from the OctoRetail BackOffice dashboard.

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When on the Employees Menu Click on Create button to create a new employee or on the Edit button to make changes to a current employee.

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Once in the Creation Page, fill in the required details according to the Fields information given below. Click on Submit when all the details are filled to create a new employee or update an old one.

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Employees Fields: Name*: The name field requires the name of employee who is to be added. Email Address*: Type in the Email-Address of the Employee
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