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Role Creation

This provides in-depth detail on Role Creation

Role Creation Allows you to give Specifics rights and allowances to different employees according to their roles. Its a very efficient way to keeping things in check.


To create roles, click on HR From the Octo BackOffice dashboard, followed by Roles button.

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Once in the HR menu, Click on Create to create a new Role. Or click on Edit to make changes to a current role.

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Fill in the Required Fields using the information given below in the Fields table. Once all the Required information is added Click on Submit to add the Role.

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Role Fields: Name*: Write the name of the role. Display Name*: Write the display name, meaning the name that will be shown when selecting/using the role. Description: Write the Necessary Descriptions regarding the role, such as scope of field, work responsibilities and any other description you want. Select Permissions*: Select which permissions are to be given to the assigned role, they are from the Web app, Mobile App and the POS App permissions. To know more about the Permissions click on the link below *= Required
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