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Tax Reports

this article is to help you out with Creating tax Reports.


Taxes Report is one of the most Key feature in use when the time is close to pay taxes. It helps in giving out a detailed report regarding the Sales of goods along with the amount of tax collected for the same.


Log into the Octopos BackOffice by entering your email and password.

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Login Fields : Email*: Insert your email address in this Field. Password*: Insert your Password here. * = Required

To Get a Tax report click on Reports from the Octo Dashboard.

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Once in the Reports Menu, click on Sales followed by Taxes Report from the drop-down Menu.

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Once in the Taxes Report menu, Fill in the required information using the Fields information given below. Click on Apply once all the required information has been filled .The Report can also be downloaded in an Excel format by clicking on Export all button.

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Taxes report Fields: Select Location*: Select the location from where the sales and taxes data is to be extracted/used. From Date*: Select the start date from which point the Taxes are to be calculated. To Date*: Select the date Till when the Taxes are to be calculated. * = Required

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