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Create a Product

Learn how to create a product.


Creating a product is a key step in adding your physical inventory to the POS system. By doing this, you enable your business to more efficiently manage inventory and streamline checkout times. The process of creating a product involves a number of steps, each of which is critical in ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the inventory data.

For example, you must specify the product name, SKU, price, and other relevant details. Additionally, you can add product images and descriptions to help customers better understand your offerings.

By taking the time to properly create and manage your products, you can improve the overall shopping experience and help your business grow.


Log into the Octopos BackOffice by entering your email and password.

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Login Fields : Email*: Insert your email address in this Field. Password*: Insert your Password here. * = Required

Click on Products followed by Products

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Click the Create button to begin creating a new product.

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Start creating the product by adding the basic details required. Follow the below note to understand more about each Fields.

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Basic Details Fields: Name*: The name field requires the name of the product, for example, Cadbury Fruit and Nut 3.5Oz. SKU: SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, Put the internal SKU here. Primary Barcode*: The primary barcode serves as the unique identifier for the product. This field can be filled using numerical values, which can be inputted through a keyboard or scanned using a barcode scanner. Select Locations*: Select the locations where the product should be added. This is useful for maintaining inventory and product lists across multiple locations. Select Categories*: Select the pre added categories in which the products should be added. Could be multiple categories or just one. For more information on creating Categories visit below link.
Inventory / Purchasing Fields: Cost Per Case: Cost Per Case stands for the full price of a case. No of Sellable Units in a Case: Input the no of units that come in a single case of the product. Sale Price*: This field requires the sale price of the good to be sold, this is what ultimately will show up in the POS and the transactions further on. In Stock Quantity*: This refers to the number of goods/units that are available on hand. Threshold: Threshold fields provide a minimum product limit. When the product quantity falls below this limit, you will receive a notification in your purchasing order as well as your inventory management email. Add Vendor Button*: This allows you to add a vendor from the vendor's list. This makes future ordering easy and quick. *= Required


You can also attach a vendor to a product. See the below link for more info.

Online Ordering (Restaurants Only) Fields: Online Product Description: This field can be used to write a description of the product to be sold. It is most commonly used when selling a product online. Used majorly by restaurants Online Ordering Price: Price for ordering the product online. *= Required
Additional Attributes Fields : Select Modifier Sets: This field can be used to write a description of the product to be sold. It is most commonly used when selling a product online. Used majorly by restaurants Age Verification: This feature allows you to add age restrictions to a product. This is particularly helpful for the sale of liquor and tobacco. Sold By Weight: If the scanner is connected to a scale, it will automatically retrieve the weight and calculate the price accordingly. If the scale is not available, you can manually input the weight. Exclude EBT: This allows you to exclude certain products to be paid by EBT method. Prompt Quantity: This feature enables you to track products that are sensitive to quantity, such as those that are kept in limited quantities or those that can be allowed to run out. Variable Price: This feature allows you to include prices that may fluctuate. Exclude Kitchen Printing\KDS: This feature allows you to hide products that are not relevant to the kitchen. This helps in avoiding sharing unnecessary information with the kitchen and prevents confusion. *= Required
Appearance Fields: Upload Product Image: Upload an image for the product. Selected Color: Selected the color for the product. *=Required

Once You are done adding all the fields click on submit and your product should be added.

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